When I’m not feeling the greatest emotionally, I occasionally delve into my memories and surroundings to find a reason to be happy again.  Finding and appreciating little things that have gone unnoticed before that moment, or reaching deep into the archives to rediscover a moment of joy I’ve experienced before.

Sometimes digging about for something that makes me smile, I coincidentally discover something I wasn’t looking for, but none-the-less was there to bring me some happiness.  That surprise can be as simple as finding an old message I thought was long gone, and seeing the flattering and nice things that were said in it.  A simple reminder of why I found so much happiness in such a brief time.

Back I go,

To find something that brings a smile.

Not for good, I know,

But it will last for a while.

Searching my head,

I pull out only the very best.

Over the others, I tread,

Today, I don’t need the rest.

Now, what I need,

Is a great memory of you.

That will indeed,

Bring forth a smile that’s true.

Back I go, for happiness to imbue.

A feeling for which, I know I’m due.