There are many things I sometimes wish I could do, but ultimately there are only a few things that I really hope to do in my life.  If I had it my way all of these things would happen with the same person, or maybe a select few.  Truthfully though, I may have accomplished some of these things and will never know about it, and I may never actually accomplish them.

The only things I really hope to do in my life are to inspire someone, be there for someone when they really need it, show someone something they would have never found alone, and find someone who loves and appreciates me for who I am that I feel the same way about.  The things I would accomplish if I could.

If I could touch a life,

Fill it with joy,

Free it from strife,

Build not destroy.

If I could save a heart,

Free it from pain,

Set it apart,

Shelter it from rain.

If I could open a mind,

Show authenticity,

What it would find,

Bringing simplicity.

To do this I need only discover,

One thing in life I hope to uncover.