2016 is almost at an end!  Another year of memories and mistakes, learning about life and letting go a little bit more.

With another year in the rear view mirror, it gets to the time to start looking ahead at what’s next.  What will lie ahead in 2017?  What will be accomplished in the year to come?

That’s what the beginning of another year brings, questions about what can happen, and what will happen.  A whole new set of possibilities and breaking free from previous limitations, either because we want to finally do it, or things just work out to give us the opportunity to try.

Whatever lies ahead, one thing is certain, it’s a new year, the last one has passed, so we can leave it behind us and start 2017 with the right foot forward, heading in the right direction to start the new year.

Another year has come to its end.

It brings a fresh chance to do what you intend.

A chance to walk a path a little straighter,

A chance to do something a little greater.

This end brings only a new beginning.

It’s an opportunity to start winning.

A chance to do something bigger here,

A chance to walk away from your fear.

This is the start of a better tomorrow.

The tomorrow where you really start to grow.

A chance to break free from stereotypes,

A chance to really show your stripes.

Another year ahead for you to overcome.

This time you’ll reach for a greater outcome.