As the new year begins, so does another chapter of your life.  Another set of blank pages to fill in with memories.  It’s your choice as always what fills this years pages, but however you choose to write this years chapter, it’s better to start it the way you want today and not wait for more time to pass.

Turn the page,

On another year.

To a new-found age,

To new-found cheer.

Start over again,

With another day.

You know that then,

You’ll find your way.

Begin this era anew,

Walking an honest path.

Avoid a bad view,

Avoid misadventures wrath.

Start the chapter, that’s your best yet.

The bitter past then you will forget.


I hope everyone celebrated the end of 2016 with good friends and family.  All the best in 2017, I hope it’s your year.  Good luck with the hangover recovery!