A new year always seems to bring so much opportunity to renew the path you’re taking through life.  Whether it be to start down a new road or to continue with renewed vigor down the road you already chose, the new year seems to bring that push to get your life working the way you want.

Going into the year is always such an exciting time, when you have those expectations of what the year will bring.  As the year passes you can’t let any lack of fulfilling these expectations set you back, life will take its turns here and there, but commitment to what you want is what gets you to your goals.  It’s your story, so you always have the ability to change what happens next, you’re writing it after all.

So the story starts,

Life from where you are.

We’ll get to the good parts,

They’re probably not that far.

The way it goes,

Starts with a simple option.

Good or bad, who knows?

But it will be your creation.

Pages of life’s moments,

What will come going forth.

Moments of ease, moments so tense,

To find out what you’re worth.

The story follows where you tread,

Take in the most of what lies ahead.