This is a time of year I often feel very restless.  I crave to be outside, taking in the world.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a blizzard or it’s freezing cold, I just can’t keep myself couped up inside all day.  It’s as if I need to take in every bit of sunshine I can, while the sun is up, and as much fresh air as I can get.  Besides the cold air always seems the freshest.

I have yet to figure out why I’m restless at this time of year.  When I’m sitting at home though,  I find myself caught up in my thoughts and I never feel more alone then I do on a cold winter evening.

I’m restless at home,

So I choose to roam.

I drive the streets,

I discover new eats.

I wander through the mall,

Meandering through each stall.

I eye things I won’t buy,

I see things I should try.

I stare out at the snow,

Wondering where I should go.

I imagine different places,

I set out to find new faces.

Restless, as any man stuck.

Restless to run amuck.