Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some awful brushes with winter at its worst.  Weather that we all hope never comes, driving conditions that we hope we are never on the road to experience, and the arm-swinging, feet-whirling, moment that you slip-and-slide down a driveway trying to stay on your feet, knowing that you’re inevitably going down.

I’ve seen the worst of it from a few days before the holidays started up to today, plenty of snow, multiple shots of freezing rain, and blisteringly cold winds, dropping the temperatures well below what anyone but someone truly from the north can bear.

I can’t say I’ve had enough though, I do love the winter after all.  Besides I haven’t even broken out my snowshoes or my skates yet.  A little break from the brutal driving conditions might be nice though.

Cold and snow,

No matter where I go.

Roads of ice,

Never very nice.

Freezing rain and sleet,

Making me unsteady on my feet.

Winds so icy and bitter,

Convincing the strongest, to be a quitter.

Snow piled so high,

Even snowmen would cry.

Trees iced like cake,

Even this wind can’t make them shake.

Winter’s wickedness, wreaks havoc today.

Warm inside, I’ll safely stay.