Do you ever get that feeling that you’re stuck in a place you’ll never get out of?  Spinning your wheels, but going nowhere?

This time of year, it happens.  With snow and ice everywhere it’s hard enough to keep traction some days, let alone find it when you’re burying yourself in miserable conditions.  It’s a wonder that you even try sometimes, knowing that no matter what you do it seems you just keep sinking back in.  If mud, snow and ice were the only things that got you stuck here, getting out could be simpler, but the frustration of it keeps you spinning.

My tires spin,

Digging deeper into the snow.

Sticking me further in,

When I just want to go.

I work my way out,

Then slide back down.

Stuck without a doubt,

And nearing a breakdown.

Can’t go forward or back,

Just stuck in one place.

Good traction I lack,

To get out of this space.

Stuck in a rut, spinning away.

It seems, in this rut, I’m destined to stay.