So many times in life, you feel like you need someone to help get you through.  Need that someone to lean on, someone to talk to and give you an opinion on what you should do.  The truth is though, unless they know you as well as you know yourself, the decision you’ll make alone is probably the better one.

Besides all that, you’re built to make mistakes and learn from them.  So if your decision is a mistake, you’re only helping yourself anyway.  Make some mistakes, but make your own decisions, no one but you can benefit from taking control of your own life.

No one but me,

Will get me out of this.

No one else can see,

Or would maybe just dismiss.

I’m in it alone,

No one on whom to rely.

I’ll get through on my own,

Or at least I’ll try.

Taking this on myself,

No need for assistance.

It won’t resolve itself,

And may require some persistence.

No one but me, to rely on here.

No one but me, can conquer my fear.