Just twice in my life, I have been so sure of something that turned out not to be.  Once started years ago, and I was sure only that it was a safe bet.  An easy fix to being alone.

It’s bad of me to say but we’ve all stayed with someone out of convenience instead of desire.  That backfired the moment both of us realized there was nothing real there.

The other time I’ve been that sure of something was for very different reasons, and was a lot more recent.  I only wish it was possible to understand something like that before feeling it.

If only you,

Could see what I see.

See what I knew,

The moment you met me.

If only you,

Could feel what I feel.

Feel what you do,

How my heart you steal.

If only you,

Could race with my heart.

Come on through,

You’ve had me from the start.

If only you, could stay out of my dreams.

Instead, for a way to you, my head schemes.