It seems as life passes, I find more and more that I really only need to be happy with myself.  Mostly because at the moment I’m most of what I have.  I’ve never seen the need for too much of anything, a few good friendships, a few things I’m proud of and that’s about it.

So as I wake up to another day alone, I sit drinking my coffee in realization that I better get happier with myself, even if it’s just a little at a time, because as it stands I’ll be waking up with only me to rely on more and more.  I know that sounds depressing and scary upfront, but when you get down to thinking about it, if I get happier all the time just being alone the occasions will only get rarer that I’ll feel like I need someone other than myself to lean on.  In turn that will make the people I lean on when I need someone, all the more important to me.

It starts with little things, being a little healthier maybe, enjoying more of the things I like, or discovering things I’ve always wanted to discover.

A lot to work on,

Much to improve.

Each day it starts at dawn,

I have something to prove.

It happens with every footfall,

I change just a little.

To the challenge I call,

My spirit you won’t whittle.

Slowly building to something great.

Sculpting my future with every day.

When life calls, I won’t be late.

Prepared I’ll be, in every way.

It takes work, but I do not flee.

Nothing is more important, than the maintenance of me.