At this time of year I like to enjoy as much of the sunshine as I can.  Sometimes it seems like an eternity between sunny days.  Between the short days and the snow, sometimes I just don’t see her shine enough.

When she’s out, I watch her when I can.  Watch her rise and fall, and light up the world.  Watch her colours change as she moves to and from the horizons.  Take in her beauty in the fading evening light.

The orange glow,

Of the evening sun.

As she draws low,

Her and the horizon become one.

She casts a shimmer of gold,

Across the untouched snow.

The day grows old,

As her light begins to go.

A light snow flurry,

Clouds her fading light.

Leaving her beauty blurry,

As she fades into the night.

The across the sky bursts her final scarlet reds,

And in what seems only an instant, darkness spreads.