When life gives you something worth celebrating, you should celebrate.  Doesn’t matter what it is, even if it’s something small.  If you feel like celebrating it then you should.  No one needs to know what you’re celebrating for either, as long as you know and it feels good.

There’s so much in life that doesn’t make you feel good, brings you down, or just plain sucks, so bask in the moment when you get the opportunity to.  Make the most of those moments, for they are fleeting.  Set aside the day for it, or the whole week if you must.

Drink it in,

24 hours of life.

Let yourself sin,

Forget all the strife.

Pull out the stops,

Break in the night.

Let them call the cops,

Out of life, take a bite.

Get yourself loose,

Have a few shots.

Cut free from the noose,

At least loosen those knots.

This night is yours, drink it in.

Each drink that pours, one for the win.