So far this year seems to be dragging along, which is strange because up until recently I was wondering where the last few years of my life went.  Now here I am wondering if a week can feel any longer, or if an hour can drag by slower than 60 minutes.

What it is that has me feeling this way is beyond me.  I can’t figure it out.  I’m just looking up at the clock expecting hours to have passed and minutes have.

Time passes slowly,

As of late.

For it to pass more quickly,

I can’t wait.

The days drag on,

Without new excitement.

Horrendously long,

Without some enjoyment.

Keeping myself engaged,

Doesn’t seem to be enough.

Time can’t be gauged,

I never run out of the stuff.

Time passes so slowly, I could give it away,

But there will come a time, where I’ll want another day.