When life doesn’t go your way for a while, you tend to hit this theoretical bottom.  From there you have choices, let yourself stay down and let being down consume you, or you can find a way to recover.

I always recover, there’s no bottom deep enough to keep me in the hole.  I’ll scratch and claw and climb back up, passed where I was before.  If I have to, I’ll fill the hole in so I can’t fall into it again.  Whatever I need to do to make sure that I get back up.

I may have fallen,

But I always recover.

I’m never sullen,

When there’s more to discover.

I won’t stay down,

There’s more to do.

I’ll come around,

And be stronger too.

I can’t sit back,

While there’s life to live.

My life won’t lack,

As long as I have something to give.

I always recover, no matter how hard I land.

For there’s greater things I have planned.