I took a stroll along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa yesterday afternoon.  It was much-needed for me, as I had spent much of last week either at work or at home.  A little fresh air was the cure for it all.

The canal of course is open for the typical winter skating, spotted with families and friends skating and walking the length of the world’s largest skating rink.  The experience of it is winter at it’s finest, and there’s the amenities to match it to warm everyone from the cold.  Hot chocolate and *Beavertails available at regular stops along the way, warming stations, and even the occasional fire to warm up your toes if needed.  It’s certainly a sight to take in, and the next thing on my list is to dust off my skates for the years first run.  (*Beavertails are a fried pastry doused in cinnamon and sugar for those who aren’t familiar with them, not actually the tail of a beaver)

What stuck out to me more than anything yesterday afternoon, was how much everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It’s a must do in Ottawa to take a skate on the canal every year, and it shows on everyone’s face why that is.  A big change from the Monday to Friday of a city largely comprised of people working in labs and offices.  A nice change if you ask me.

All these faces that are enjoying being,

But it seems there’s something no one’s seeing.

Hundreds of people enjoying a winter afternoon,

Making the most of the sunlight before the rise of the moon.

They all wear smiles and emanate laughter,

Forgetting what they’re typically after.

Scores of adults, not caught up in some work,

Playing outside in some interesting quirk.

They’re living life as best they can,

Not stuck inside working for the man.

All these people doing something right,

Taking the day to enjoy the sunlight.

Not cooped up inside where they don’t belong,

Outside in the open, where they can grow strong.