Between my crazy imagination and my desire to start something of my own, I’ve found myself coming up with some pretty interesting ideas of what I would like to start accomplishing.  Things that I always thought were dreams best left until I found someone to share them with, are now dreams that I’m going to start accomplishing on my own.

The ideas I’ve come up with are achievable, but they’ll require a large quantity of hard work, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

This point in my life should have been reached years ago.  Coming up with ideas of my own and going after them with all my heart and soul.  I waited instead, and now I’m behind where I want to be because of it, but that’s just a reason to get at it now before I never get around to realizing my own dreams.

Life starts again with an idea,

Leading you on to your panacea.

That something you needed to make you whole.

That piece that was missing from your soul.

A dream that’s different, completely yours,

Changing your mindset and opening the right doors.

Fixing your life to feel just right.

Fixing the window that lets in your light.

The piece you needed to make that hole full,

Was in this idea that gave the right pull.

Showing you on to where you’re meant to roam.

Showing you out to what you’ll soon call home.

Getting to where you’re supposed to be,

Starts with an idea of how to be free.