Positive changes in your life can be miniscule or massive, but they’re waiting to be made.  A positive change is never far away, it’s just a decision or a different mindset that you haven’t had before.  A moment where you realize that it’s time to do something different.

As soon as that realization is there, that change for the better is just a step away.  The decision to start living a more fulfilling life for you is at the starting line, and the starters gun is about to fire.  Let the trigger get pulled and get off to the race you’re meant to run.  It’s time to get started.

Overcome what holds you back.

Stare it down, don’t crack.

Conquer your fear.

Start here.

Find what makes you strong.

Use it, make it last long.

Pull it near.

Start here.

Get to where you belong.

Prove to everyone, they’re wrong.

Shift into gear.

Start here.

Make your strengths count, make it your year.

Give your whole amount, start here.