We all have something we look to when times are tough.  Whether it be something we have in ourselves or a person we can turn to no matter what, it’s there to help us get through.

There is also that thought that we wake to, or fall asleep to.  The fact is thoughts consume us if we let them.  Sometimes even when we don’t let them.  My thoughts have become this way at certain points in my life, and I sometimes just can’t change it no matter how hard I try.

The fact is, sometimes when I’m alone, my thoughts are all I have.  So my control over them spirals away as I continue to find these thoughts coming back to me.

My first thought every morn,

My last thought every night.

The anchor that holds me through the storm.

In the darkest place, the only light.

The thought that puts my mind at peace,

The thought that pulls me back from Hell.

A sensation that returns me to ease.

Even the worst hurt, it would quell.

A thought that can get me through the toughest day.

A thought that pieces me together in my roughest hour.

The rock that holds, so hope will stay.

My hope in a situation most dour.

My first, my last, my only thought.

The hope, the strength, it’s all I’ve got.