Certain things find their way into your mind or your heart and never let go.  Like the picture you have in your head of something you’re aiming to have one day, or someone you hope to find in your future.

This picture is easily summoned once it has taken hold in you.  Even when you put it aside to push for something else, a short time later when you’re struggling with the obstacles that stand in between you and this goal, the picture of it comes back to you, to remind you of where you’re going.  That little piece of motivation to get you back on the right path.

This picture in my head is so ideal.

Too much to ask for it to be real.

So many good qualities for one to hold,

But the search for it never gets old.

No way to settle for less than this.

If I’m sure that out there it must exist.

Glimpses of it have been seen.

Enough in each to keep me keen.

The whole package must be out there.

Really the only question is where?

Have I found it already, just before its time,

Or is it still waiting out there for me to find.

No matter what, for it I will wait.

My love, something only she will sate.