The reason we do something often determines our success at it.  It can cause us to find great success, but if the motivation isn’t what it should be it’s just as often failure.

This is what causes failure in so many things, friendships, relationships, business, aspirations and even fitness.  If the bar is set too high, it’s difficult to reach it and continue to reach it.  If the expectations you have going in aren’t realistic yet, you will continually fall short until you find the mid-point that you can reach before aiming higher.  It’s all about finding the right thing to drive you to the first point you need to reach, and then reaching for more.

Greed is looked at as a bad thing, but too often it is seen as reaching beyond what you have to something else, where really it’s reaching beyond where you are to make more of what you have.  Get to the right starting point, and then find a reason to be greedy as you pass every point along the way.  Find something new to drive you at every step of the way.

What’s the thing, that is your trigger?

That helps you envision something bigger.

The motivator that pushes you to more.

The drum beat that resounds in your core.

What gets you out of bed each day?

Keeps your heart from going astray.

The strength that helps you face the struggle.

The patience that allows all these things you juggle.

What gives you your everyday drive?

Allows for your presence to thrive.

The quality that makes you stick out.

The individuality that shows the world what you’re about.

What drives you to be who you are?

That may hinder you, or push you quite far.