Single isn’t easy, and the older I get the more I see what single really is.

Single when you’re young is spending time with the other single people you know.  Then it progresses to being the single one in your core group of friends and family, sometimes being set-up with other single friends, sometimes there for the moments when other friends become single again.

As everyone around you settles down, and you’re left the last one standing, you become the extra wheel or the friend that pulls everyone away from being ‘settled down’ every once in a while.  Occasionally you may be the scapegoat, keeping friends out of trouble with their significant others by taking the blame for nights gone wrong.

More than anything though, when you’re the last single one left in you group, you learn to be alone.  You learn to deal with things on your own.  You learn to live on your own.  You learn to hurt on your own.  Basically, you learn to depend on yourself and be a real individual.  Once you know that feeling, you learn you can do everything yourself, but you learn how nice it would be to lean on someone else a little once in a while.

A single tear rolls down my cheek,

For in this moment I feel weak.

No help is needed, no words to speak,

Just let this tear roll down my cheek.

A single heart left in me broken.

This moment it does not maintain any token.

No attention wanted, no feelings to be spoken,

Just let this single heart be broken.

A single soul left in unrest,

At the moment not feeling its best.

No solace desired, nothing to be confessed,

Just leave this soul in its state of unrest.

A single man left lost and lonely,

So much love waiting for my one and only.