I love hearing the different perspectives on things from everyone around me.  Right or wrong, or just plain interesting each perspective is different from the last, sometimes just a little, sometimes they are miles apart.  Each holds its own value, and each tells you a little about the person who holds that perspective.

To really learn their side of a story, you can’t be judgemental.  You have to be willing to hear them out, otherwise you can skew their story, and there are few things more interesting than someone else’s perspective on events that are far different from your own.  That is where you’re challenged to think and engage in real conversation to discover new variations on the truth.

Everyone has their own side,

Each a different bit to tell.

A little more revealing, a little more to hide,

Mostly just something different to sell.

All sides are different,

In their own minute way.

Drawn sometimes on facts lent,

And taking it all a little further astray.

Every person has their own,

And sometimes even a few.

The truth isn’t written in stone,

Just a variable of a point of view.

Infinite sides to every story told,

The possibilities could never grow old.