The last few days have been spent working on a few special projects in my own life, and I thought that I should put something together from that to share with everyone.

I’ve been working on a few writing projects for a little while now, one of which is quite a lengthy poetic story.  I thought a few days ago I should put something together that was a bit of a prologue to that story, and I am going to be sharing that with you over the course of this week.

Finding Life Out There is  a prologue to the story I am still working on.  It does carry into the story a little as I hoped to tease the story itself a little better than a short poetic prologue.  Don’t think of this as a traditional cut and dry story full of names and what’s happening, the way it is written is meant to reflect what is going on inside of someone as they experience different aspects of life.  It’s more of an internal dialogue from the inside of a young man’s mind as he finds his way through life to where he always hoped to be.

Born and raised a small town boy,

He learned to love his little town.

Raised that life was for him to enjoy,

And not to give himself a reason to frown.

He grew up tall, he grew up strong,

But life had tough lesson for him to learn.

To find this out didn’t take him long,

His place in this world he would have to earn.

Struggling along for many a year,

He found life hard, but he continued on.

Through the failures, he sometimes shed a tear,

But no matter how tough, he carried on.

Continued tomorrow…