He saw her for a moment,

And learned true happiness.

No doubt to him she was different,

She made his head a complete mess.

His world got flipped all around,

Nothing could ever be the same.

Something worth it, he had found,

The day, it finally came.

He held her close for a short while,

But she could not stay.

Letting her go he fell into denial,

That he truly felt this way.

He did feel this way he knew,

But something must not have been right.

Still his heart was left black and blue,

And all alone at night.

In the night she crept into his thoughts,

And never went away.

Keeping his heart ties up in knots,

So from her he could not stray.

Every morning he still found her there,

In his heart and mind.

She would always hold his stare,

Long after he fell blind.

But as long as for her he continued to care,

There would be no life out there.
Ending to come tomorrow.