Life out there, that’s what he sought,

Not just a place to be.

There’s love and happiness out there he thought,

I just have to find it in me.

Within his heart, within his soul,

There could be joy found still.

Without another he would learn to be whole,

Instead of falling ill. 

He found things that he enjoyed,

Filled his time up with fun.

Was happily employed,

And of worries he had none.

There was this feeling though,

It kept on creeping inside.

All this joy that he had to show,

But his loneliness he did hide.

For in his mind,

She was always there.

Someday he hoped again he would find,

That one which this life he would share.

But until she came back to him,

He would hold her memory.

No matter if the odds were slim,

She was the happy part of his story.