You never know when your day will come.  It could be just around the corner or a long way off, but you have to find a way to be prepared.  If it is your day to seize, then you must have the strength of body and mind to do it when it does come.

There will come a moment,

When you’ll feel near spent,

And from that moment,

Your life will be different.

You may rise to the occasion,

Or practice your evasion,

But you won’t reach the right destination,

Unless you balance the equation.

You may struggle through it,

While it challenges your wit,

But to take on this, you are fit,

And you can climb out of this pit.

Your life belongs to you alone,

It is all yours to own,

There is no future that’s set in stone,

And nothing from the past, from which you can’t atone.

So when it comes to be that day,

Strongly to your course do stay,

Because unless you falter and give way,

That my friend will be your day.