What if when you’re thinking of someone,

They’re thinking of you too?

After time has passed, since things came undone,

You both still have each other in view.

What if all those times you smiled thinking of her,

She was smiling back with you in mind?

All those memories that through your head blur,

Are the same ones she’s needing to find.

What if those moments you found yourself to be sad,

She was fighting those same tears?

Reliving the good in spite of the bad,

Both fighting urges because of silly fears.

What if the reason you can’t get her out of your head,

Is that she’s daydreaming the same things you are?

Wishing that you were together instead,

Not stuck apart so far.

What if you pressed your luck?

What would she say?

What if you called before your nerves stuck?

Instead, here alone you stay.