Few things follow me around.

I leave them behind, when they’re no longer needed.

Few people’s influence will resound.

I grow away with each piece of advice heeded.

Not much I choose to keep in my life.

I lose a little with every bit of knowledge I gain.

Not many who can drag me into strife.

I walk away before they can cause me pain.

Little of this world, will get to me.

I ignore all the drama in favor of my sanity.

Little of what’s out there, I care to see.

I care not for the obsession with vanity.

Nearly none of it I find really matters.

I doubt much of it is even real.

Nearly all of it, in the wind just scatters.

I find it all lacks enticing appeal.

None of it is really worth my time.

I keep my precious seconds for other adventures.

None of it deserves my hard-earned dime.

I save them for more practical ventures.

But there are things I cannot shake.

I seem to need them no matter what I choose.

The pain they bring can cause my sanity to break.

They can consume my time, these I hope not to lose.

They follow me around, no matter where I go.

Their influence on my life may lay me low.