Something a little different then I normally write, but my imagination was working during the writing of this.

Only him could she see in this room.

She craved to be alone with him soon.

She could feel his touch, even though only their eyes had met,

But catching his gaze was enough to make her sweat.

She locked eyes with him again.

His little smirk melted her right then.

Watching each other through the crowd.

Their desires were silent, but to each other they were loud.

He moved through the room toward her.

She could feel everything around her blur.

Reaching out, his hand went to the back of her neck.

Pulling her in, for a gentle peck.

His other hand had found the small of her back.

Close to him, her whole body went slack.

She could hear his breath, and smell his cologne.

Her heart beat hard, wishing they were alone.

He whispered softly into her ear.

She felt his pulse raise being so near.

Her body quivered there in his arms.

She was helpless to his charms.

Little did she know what she was doing to him.

Holding it together for her on a rope so slim.

Helpless to her, as she feels as well.

His desires in this moment he can barely quell.