Some things in life just haunt you.  Drag you down for days, then weeks, then months, until someone or something comes along to save you, or you pull your ass back up and start again.

Until then, you’re stuck, repeating things in your head, dreaming about it, analyzing it, and wishing you could go back and do it over again to get it right.


It’s just a dream,

All over again.

It would seem,

I’m destined to replay back then.

It’s all in my head,

Following me to the grave.

Until I’m dead,

This memory I save.

Replaying this memory,

Moment after moment.

Repeating the story,

It will not relent.

Stuck in my mind,

It won’t go away.

Solace, I cannot find,

Day after day.

Haunting my thoughts,

Wherever I turn.

Keeping my head in knots,

A constant burn.

I cannot fight it,

Even if it’s just a dream.

Sucking me into a pit,

Bottomless, it would seem.