When you feel something that’s different, something that really sticks out for you in life in a good way, you want to feel it again and again.  Sometimes even the pain you’ll seek again just to feel it all over, but that feeling that leaves you craving more, that leaves you wanting it back, that’s something that’s hard to live without once you’ve felt it.

I want to feel it again,

Every piece of that feeling.

Starting back when,

She had me reeling.

I want to be where I was,

Not have a memory that’s fleeting.

Back there because,

That got my heart beating.

I want to feel my heart race,

With her in my arms.

If that were the case,

She’d be raising alarms.

I want to feel it all over,

Burn from within.

My desires I’ll uncover,

I’ll wear myself thin.

I want to break just for her,

Lose it all for her.

Whatever pain I incur,

I’ll gladly endure.

I want to feel it again,

Whatever it takes.

Give me back then,

Whatever the stakes.