Break me down, I’m just a boy.

Careening through town, to find a new toy.

Break me down, I’m pure and simple.

Trying not to frown, but hiding a dimple.

Break me apart, I’m the pieces of a man.

No idea where to start, lacking any plan.

Break me apart, I’m a difficult puzzle.

Pieces of a heart, with feeling I can’t muzzle.

Break me into pieces, I’m full of opportunities.

Until life ceases, there are endless possibilities.

Break me into pieces, I’m still pulling it together.

Fighting the teases, this life I try to weather.

Break me again, It won’t be the last.

I still remember when, those things weren’t the past.

Break me again, I’ll only learn to grow.

Remember then, it’s you who will go.

Break me once more, I’ll find my way.

I’ll even the score, that will be the day.

Break me once more, see what happens then.

Find out what’s in store, it won’t happen again.