Happy Valentine’s Day!  To my fellow hopeless romantics out there that are spending it alone like me, no sense in moping around like a lonely person, get out and do something you love.  Besides it’s just another holiday, and if you’re supposed to spend it with someone you love, you’re already there if you’re spending it with yourself.

For those of you who feel extra lonely today, you’re not alone, I’ve been there myself and that’s what “Cold Winter Night” is about.

The snow flies all around,

Piling up deeply on the ground.

Impeding the way to get back home,

Forcing me to spend more time alone.

The wind cuts through, right to the bone.

The rumble of the plows, a distant drone.

Trudging along through a foot of snow,

Awaiting the warmth of the fires glow.

The warmth I’ll need to recover from the cold.

Shelter I seek from the snow that’s foretold.

These are the nights I wish I came home to another.

Instead the embrace I need, under blankets I smother.

Alone, I’ll watch through the window,

The snow that falls, the winds that blow.

Watching the winter close me in,

To where I feel the cold crawl back under my skin.

The cold that won’t relent, this winter night.

It can not be cut by the fires light.

The cold that I feel has grown from within.

The cold winter night won’t let heat back in.