Have you ever wondered in your heart what each flake of snow could be?  Pieces of the sky that reach for the ground is all I see.  Maybe they belong there, maybe they just fall to easily.

The clouds move in,

Making the sky darken.

Holding winters cold at a stall,

As the snow begins to fall.

But what you see is not real,

An illusion that hides the ideal.

What is truly happening is more a show,

Each flake a piece of nature’s glow.

A billion stars falling just for you,

The snow you see hides what is true.

The sky falls to grace your cheek,

The presence of you makes it weak.

It cannot help but fall to your hand,

Your touch is what first caused it to expand.

It’s vastness longs to be closer once more,

Joining you, instead of spreading shore to shore.

The air grows damp, thickening to your touch,

Unable to resist falling into your clutch.

The snow keeps falling just to be near,

Being away from you again, the sky does fear.

The snow will fall to be in your embrace,

Melting at your touch, without a trace.

Falling in hopes of landing in your arms,

Each star relents to any possible harms.

All winter each flake a falling star,

Hoping to land wherever you are.

Each floating crystal answering your call,

The love that surrounds you with each snow fall.