In all that life has to offer, one serendipitous moment can change your whole outlook on it for the rest of your life.  When out of nowhere, you find something that you never could have expected or imagined in life, everything from that moment on is different.

Save a place in heaven for everyone else,

I’d rather be put right back here.

No matter what time tells,

This moment always has my ear.

I’d take this moment for a million lifetimes,

It exceeds any grander plan.

Leave me right here a billion times,

Nothing about it resistable by this man.

Holding me tight, like heaven on earth,

No other experience would I ever trade.

This moment is like a sudden rebirth,

I only wish it would never fade.

Heaven has no place for me now,

I’ve found it here in front of me.

Never could I imagine life to endow,

The beauty which I now can see.

Life could not truly hold this,

But it’s here now, none-the-less.

Such a pity, had I come to miss,

This perfection amongst all life’s mess.

Somewhere in the grander plan I found,

A moment worth every awful thing.

All the pain that beat me to the ground,

To find myself looking up to my everything.