It only takes one person to put forth a united front, but there’s more strength in every single soul that stands with you.  Everyone that stands with you gives you less reason to fear, and more reason to try.

Standing together with your people, family and friends, whenever they need you, and having them with you whenever you need them, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.

I never stand alone, with me there are many.

I’m never on my own, this way I can take any.

Surrounded by others, I seek no audience.

I stand here with my brothers, we fear no resistance.

We are united, together we are one.

No matter what life’s invited, it’s not over until we’re all done.

Holding strength in our numbers, we are hard to defeat.

Until the last of us slumbers, we will not be beat.

Fighting to the end, to the very last man.

We do not easily bend, victory our only plan.

We stand strong and tall, holding our ground.

Giving life our all, for greatness we are bound.

There is nothing we can’t conquer, nothing we cannot take.

Built only to endure, we will never break.