When I am feeling bored, frustrated with life, or even when I’m lonely, I make my way to a pool hall near where I live to let loose and blow off some steam.

Over the weeks or months I’ve been going there fairly regularly, I’ve come to be recognized by some of the staff and have even made some aquantances with the regulars.  It’s nice to go somewhere you feel welcome, and this place makes me feel welcome.  To the point where I celebrated my birthday in there earlier this week by playing a few games of pool on my own, and chatting with some of the staff.

It’s one of those places I can go now to leave everything else at the door and just be myself.

There’s a place I always go to let loose,

Where I shoot a little pool and drink a few brews.

I forget about the storm life’s thrown me,

It’s become a place where I can just be.

There I don’t hold anything back,

The tension eases with every played rack.

I leave all my worries outside of the door,

It’s just me that crosses that floor.

There the staff all know me by name,

And I find new friends with every nights game.

I feel like I’m in a place I belong,

It’s the type of place that will never rub me wrong.

There, I go to simply unwind,

To a place I fit in with more of my kind.

I enter alone, but am always with friends,

It’s only hindrance is that each night ends.

There, I forget about every last worry,

To leave this place, I never hurry.

I enjoy my time spent there about ease,

It’s refreshing to be somewhere with no one to please.

There, I find no worries I  sight,

Enjoying the glow of the neon light.

I brush off the worst of the every day,

It’s the place, as a grown up where I can just play.