Doing things alone has never been a concern to me.   It’s never bothered me going to a bar or a theater on my own, or even taking a vacation alone.  Really it’s often very relaxing, and sometimes enlightening to the way the people around you really are.

So often in my time out on my own I’m completely left alone, but every once in a while I’m reminded of the motivations of people around me.

Whether it be to act like a hot-shot, or to find someone in their bed later that evening, I’ve heard and seen it all, when I’ve been out on my own, because when you’re alone, you are often seen as an easy target for the cocky people in the world.  Sometimes you’re offered pity because people think you don’t want to be alone, sometimes you’re offered hate because people think you won’t fight back, but to me no matter what I’m offered I view most people the same way.

Too many people think I fit in,

Too many with that I would.

I’m just too much like my kin,

And I never could.

I don’t like many out there,

Too many people are posing.

Rub them wrong, I don’t care,

Through life they’ve been dozing.

Most of them need to wake up,

They’ve been too busy pretending.

Not knowing it’s a refillable cup,

Caught up in just blending.

So much out there they could learn,

What’s real they’re lost to.

You get what you choose to earn,

So much more you can do.

Learn to get what you can,

Don’t stop at alright.

Don’t back off from your plan,

And the future is bright.

Nothing can stop you,

Except for your fear.

Earn what you’re due,

Make your fear disappear.

Don’t get caught up trying to be another,

You are your own person.

Random people can be together,

Let the randoms lives worsen.