A pledge to yourself is necessary now and again, to reaffirm what you are after in your life, and to remind yourself that there is always more that lies ahead of you.  More that is worth experiencing, and the longer you sit in wait, the longer it takes to get there.

The time will always come,

When you have to stop being dumb.

Get out of the pouring rain,

And get over all the pain.

Forward I will strive,

As long as I’m alive.

The moment arrives, that you let go of the past,

When of your tears, you’ve cried the last.

Stepping toward what awaits you ahead,

Choosing to lose the pain, having hope instead.

Forward I will strive,

It keeps me alive.

The chance comes, and you take it,

When to move on, you are now fit.

Breaking free from the emotional chains,

Letting go of the pasts stains.

Forward I will strive,

It makes me feel alive.

Life stares you right back in the face,

Now is when your courage falls into place.

Too much out there for you to find,

To stand in wait, to life completely blind.

Forward I will continually strive,

Life lies ahead, as long as I’m alive.