This past weekend was spent at my older brothers house seeing my family.  Every time I see them I learn a little more that they’re a huge part of my life.  We reminisce about the exploits of our past, things we’ve done together and things we did with friends.  We talk about things we’re doing now and getting together more.

The thing that always stands out the most though, is the fact that when life has gotten hard for any one of us, we have always stuck together.

People come, and people go,

But family is always there.

It’s something I have come to know,

No matter what they care.

They stand beside me when I need them most,

And fight for me without hesitation.

As long as I have them, through life I can coast,

They stand ready in anticipation.

Sure they fight me and cause me trouble,

But they’re with me no matter what.

They will come running on the double,

They always watch my butt.

I’ll take everything they deal,

No matter what it is.

Knowing they’re with me when life gets real,

Not a moment they would miss.

I always have back up,

Whenever life demands it.

My family always steps up,

Through all kinds of shit.

I trust my family with my life,

They’re all I’ll ever need.

With them, I can take any of life’s strife,

For them I would gladly bleed.