I started writing this while listening to Eric Church‘s song of the same name.  What I almost was, is an interesting concept to me as I often look back on the things that happened to me earlier in my life and think I’m glad things changed.

There’s definitely a lot of good back there buried in my past, but when you’re young it is falling in to following somebody else’s influence that steers you wrong.  To me the concept is about discovering who you are one your own, and that involves a little following, until you’re ready to lead your own life.

I almost was a different man,

Many, many times.

But I found a way to find my plan,

And now I deal in rhymes.

I’ve been places for convenience,

And fallen hard because of my heart.

Given people I shouldn’t have lenience,

And let their shit tear me apart.

I’ve chased dreams I never wanted,

And let them weigh me down.

Taken what I had for granted,

And lost it out on the town.

I’ve stayed for no reason at all,

And barely found the nerve to go.

Ran my life into a wall,

And had nothing left to show.

I stopped the spiral in its tracks,

Found my way back out.

Reached the light from the blackest blacks,

Diminished all remaining doubt.

I was almost pulled down to being meek.

I didn’t let that happen because,

I wouldn’t let myself be that weak.

I’ll never be what I almost was.