A softly spoken word is a dangerous thing, for when a voice is lowered like that, the word is only meant for you.  It reaches deep within you, touching your soul.  Finding the very point that wishes to hear those words.

A whispered word holds more power than most.  It’s intended destination always where its impact will be felt the greatest.  Ripping you apart with pain, or eating at you with desire, a whispered word reaches its effect with its full intention.

Yet we still seek to hear them.  We long to hear the words spoken so gently, that ignite desires we hide from most and release the passion we have ready to share.  We seek that whisper that opens our minds and our hearts.

Whisper softly in my ear,

All the things I want to hear.

Say them with passion and all your heart,

Make the image of your words a work of art.

Speak gently to my soul,

Let your words make me whole.

Say the secrets you hold deep inside,

Show me everything, in me confide.

Serenade me with your every word,

Sing the sweetest song I’ve ever heard.

Say every beautiful thing you know,

Take me there, I want to go.

Whisper the words that take us there,

Let me hear all the love we share.