From time to time, a fire ignites inside of you that pulls you astray from the realities of life.  It burns too hot to resist, even if you know you should.  It leaves you chasing a passion with everything you have.  Chasing wants and desires with a fire so wild, it so easily burns out of control.

It’s a fire that creeps deep inside,

From it, it’s impossible to hide.

A fire that burns incineratingly hot,

To escape it you have no shot.

Burning bright from deep within,

A feeling that can push anyone to sin.

A flame that catches the most sheltered eye,

Drawing it in, pulling the most cautious awry.

Scorching up from the deepest reaches,

The heat inside you it quickly teaches.

A heat so intense, it burns from the soul,

Blackening everything in its path as a whole.

A burn so deep it could only be desire,

And no one can resist that infernal fire.