Throughout a lifetime a person will stumble into, or seek out many things that they find interesting, but finding a real interest in something or someone is never easy.  Stumbling into someone who peaks your interest, someone who really gets you thinking about everything in your life, that’s a rare accomplishment.  So rare, it seems that not everyone could possibly find something like that.

Finding interesting, it’s hard to do,

More than just a few things in common, it’s true.

It’s seeing something that peaks your attention,

That key piece that can change your intention.

Interesting is something that stands out as different,

A bit more than what’s usually apparent.

It’s changing your plans because of one little detail,

An enlightening moment that pulls back the veil.

Finding it is never going to be done with ease,

Interesting can’t be asked for with a please.

It’s found in a place you never imagined to find it,

A place so rare, you may never get.

Finding interesting, a great challenge in this existence,

A dream worth searching out through the greatest resistance.