Loneliness can suck you into a deep dark hole if you let it.  You spiral further and further in, shutting yourself in, hiding from the people who will stick around to help you through it.  It’s a hard place to be, and sometimes you just want and need to be there.  Sometimes you need to be in that darkest place to find the light that leads you out.

The problem is that when you’re in there it can be so incredibly overwhelming.  You get to the point where you really feel like you’re on your own, and there’s nowhere you could possibly turn.  Then you find a way out when you least expect it.  Right there where you feel like you will just keel over and let the world fade away.

It feels now, that the day draws near,

Of being alone, I now start to fear.

No one to hold me, no one to show affection,

This solemn life is becoming my affliction.

An empty place that eats away inside,

From the loneliness I can never hide.

Nowhere to escape, no one to go to,

Each moment now becoming a different shade of blue.

The hurt of it has taken an impossible hold,

Squeezing love out as I grow old.

Not much I have left, not enough to save me,

Fading away, its absence felt absolutely.

Burying myself under this cold wall of stone,

No hope left to help me, I’m dying, alone.