When there is something in your life that you anticipate greatly, your mind starts to fixate on it.

For a long time, I have anticipated a concert.  A concert that I will finally experience tonight.  It’s the third time that I’ve had this ahead of me, but will only be the first time I actually attend it.  It has been one of those things that has been ripped from my hands in the past, only to come back around again.  This time it will not be taken from me though, and I’m fully expecting an epic night.

This day has approached, for what seems like so long.

The whole wait, I’ve feared it would turn out all wrong.

Many times before, I’ve anticipated just this,

And had the whole moment turn out to be amiss.

Something about this, that I couldn’t have before,

So from me, this moment kept being tore.

Taken from me when it was all I wanted,

Always dangling out of reach, repetitively taunted.

Now though, this moment lingers so close,

I’m almost at receiving my life changing dose.

The experience that I have long anticipated,

The epic night that will leave me forever elated.

No matter what, ahead of me is this epic night,

As long as I have that, my future is bright.