Every time I cross a bucket list item off, I get to thinking about the greatest things that I will do, or will happen to me in my life.  Thinking about this is a reminder to me about how I feel about those things in my life.

What those amazing moments and experiences are, are things that mean the world to me and me alone.  They may touch others in the same way, but in my heart I know they will never mean the same thing to another that they mean to me.  That is why I view them as my greatest moments.

Last nights bucket list item was seeing Eric Church live in concert for the first time.  There have been a few previous attempts to accomplishing this moment, as you can imagine it was on my bucket list because he’s my favourite artist, not just because he puts on a stellar show.  Each of the previous times that I attempted to cross this off my list, someone who was never good for me interceded with my plans, and took the moment away from me.  What that did though, was making that moment all the more influential to me, and better than I ever could have originally anticipated.

It gives me a lot of hope, and a ton of excitement about all the great moments yet to come that weren’t stolen from me by a poisonous situation in my past.

A man’s greatest, goes unreleased.

His greatest love, he never lets go.

His greatest song, sung only in his soul.

His greatest moment, felt only by him,

Held with him, until his days grow dim.

His greatest tear, he will drop alone,

In the moment he knows he’s on his own.

His greatest achievement, known only by his heart,

Never to be some fanciful piece of art.

His greatest strength, kept buried inside,

There when needed, but from others it will hide.

His greatest gift, left in his legacy.

His greatest knowledge, a piece of secrecy.

A man’s greatest, never to be ceased.


What’s your greatest?