A noble idea, always having hope.  It is difficult to keep when things get really tough.  Though the human spirit always seems to search it back out, finding it in new places at every turn in its existence.

We find hope in others, hope in religion, hope in ourselves even, but we always do find a way to find it when life demands more from us then we are able to give.  We find it when life is so desperate that we could almost let go, and then it’s there to pull us through.  There, but coming from nothing but the air we breathe, the knowledge we have, and the willingness we have to go on.

Life throws you all of its worst,

Seems to drag you down with unquenchable thirst.

Breaks you against each heart wrenching moment,

Leaving your heart and soul, broken and bent.

Through all these things, hope never fades.

It dissipates only to show again in other shades.

Sometimes it lessens, sometimes it grows,

What its cause truly is, who knows?

Hope finds its way back in when all is lost,

And when you lose it, there’s always a cost.

Needing to be held and never let go,

For nothing but your fear is hopes foe.

No matter the hell that into your heart invades,

As long as you keep it, hope never fades.