When things in your life start to change for the better, you can’t help but notice the continual build up of more and more good things that seem to come your way.  Almost as if there was a flood gate holding them all back that was finally opened by one subtle change, or one simple experience in your life.

When you take notice of this sudden reversal of fortunes, it just keeps growing.  The positive mindset that you find taking root in your mind and heart takes over, and you attract more positive things into your life.  Finding a little more joy in the simple things in your life, and finding even more that brings you to an even better place.

This experience seems to bring the thought that possibly fate is involved, that suddenly the cosmos have aligned to help you along the way.  Suddenly it seems the whole world is conspiring in your favour.

Something changed a few days back,

Suddenly it seems my life is on track.

As if everything became easier to get done,

Obstacles to overcome, there are now none.

As if a force now works for me,

Making the easy way, clearer to see.

An invisible hand guiding me on now,

Pushing me to all the right places somehow.

This force from thin air now guides me along,

Steering me away from the choices that are wrong.

Giving me courage and strength of mind for what’s right,

Guiding me back to a future that is bright.

They call it pronoia, but there’s something working in my favour.

As long as it does so, every moment I’ll savour.